Crossword Compiler

Crossword Compiler 10.19

A program that lets you create your own puzzles and word games

Crossword Compiler is a program that lets you create your own puzzles and word games in an easy and pleasant way. It is an excellent tool for educators, crossword enthusiasts, and anyone interested in classic word games. Puzzles created with this app can be published to a web site, printed out, or exported to PDF for sharing.

With Crossword Compiler you can generate different types of puzzles, from the classic word search and Sudoku that can be found in newspapers, to games like Clues in squares, Barred Puzzles, and Numeric Codes.

What makes Crossword Compiler really interesting is the possibility of customizing puzzles in detail. When selecting your style of game, you are able to determine certain specifications like grid dimension and board size. Moreover, the shape feature lets you make your puzzles into a variety of fun shapes, like boats, Christmas trees, and even continents.

The application comes with it’s own word bank to draw answers from, but you can personalize your puzzle and create your own answers and descriptions.

Crossword Compiler is really powerful and has lots of interesting features to explore. The registered version of the app has a cost of $49, but the free demo lets you try the main program features.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Lets you create and fully customize word puzzles
  • Generates different type puzzles
  • Several exporting options
  • Neat interface that is easy to use


  • No disadvantages found
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